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Why fragrance adds an important sensory layer to any space

Out of all our senses, smell is the most persuasive - it has the ability to generate emotions and memories, meaning fragrance can play a powerful role in creating positive first, and lasting, impressions in any space.

I can really relate to this, as one of my own earliest memories linked to smell is whilst spending a summer in the Dolomites. The distinctive fragrance of pine mixed with wood and moss growing in the area was such a contrast to life in the city and still evokes emotional and cherished memories of freedom and family.

Branding expert Martin Lindstrom (author of Brand Sense) states that of all the senses, smell is the most persuasive. And the science supports this. Our olfactory system is a collision of biology and psychology where we perceive scent through at least 1,000 receptors. In comparison, the eyes use only three receptors to distinguish colours. Scents have an immediate and compelling effect on us, as they are directly linked to the brain’s limbic system which is responsible for our memories and emotions.

In marketing and design, the “sensory experience” trend has led brands to recognise how engaging with customers through all the senses can heighten brand value, expand brand recognition and customer satisfaction, as well as increase sales. By using fragrance, we are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a more memorable experience and the establishment of a longer lasting connection.

Fragrance can provide an important sensory layer to enhance the feeling of any space and increasingly interior designers and architects are looking at how to integrate this into their projects. To do this successfully, you need to consider 2 key factors – beauty and performance. Not only is it important to get a statement candle or diffuser in a room, but it is equally important to consider how and where it should be used and how best to diffuse it.

Interior perfumery I believe is made up of three key elements:

SENSORIAL - Identifying or developing a signature scent reflecting the client characteristics.

AESTHETIC - Selecting the style of products to fit with the design of the interior.

TECHNICAL - Getting the fragrance performance right. This involves selecting the right product type and size according to room dimension, position of the windows, doors, ventilation, etc and technical issues such as presence of air conditioning or heating. It also may involve neutralising any unwanted smells in a space to create the right foundation.

This is where seeking the services of an interior perfume design specialist, such as myself, can really help you to bring this added dimension successfully to your projects. My approach is to work together with interior designers, architects and hoteliers to develop a fragrance experience that truly reflects the brand of the client and the space it is to be used in. Perhaps what makes the biggest difference in working with me is the combination of my deep understanding of interiors and space, as well as my knowledge of fragrances - and how I blend these together. I can help recommend a plan to ensure continuous fragrance performance in all spaces large and small, using a mix of both high-tech systems and decorative products to diffuse the scent.

To deliver this, I work with several design-led Italian fragrance brands which offer high-quality off-the-shelf fragrance collections, as well as bespoke olfactory branding to develop a signature scent for your client, along with high-tech diffusion.

CULTI Milano is an absolute leader in its field and was founded in 1990 by Alessandro Agrati, an eclectic interior designer, who realised the strong appeal and impact that a perfume has on its environment. CULTI Milano was the pioneer in inventing the rattan sticks which diffuse perfume in the air; an innovation that has changed the way interior fragrance is used and perceived worldwide. Today this Italian company is one of the world’s leading brands in research and fragrance development, offering a stunning range of interior fragrance products. The refinement of the fragrances, combined with the elegance of the packaging, have made CULTI Milano products into an undisputed style icon.

If you are looking to create a bespoke fragrance for your client, one of the leading olfactory branding companies is Italian Scent Company. With more than 10 years’ experience, they have now created over 1000 bespoke fragrances made in Italy with clients including hotels, spas, retail stores, residential complexes, F&B outlets, events and interior designers. They offer the latest high-tech systems for diffusing fragrance (both bespoke or off-the-shelf) in rooms of any size.

They have also developed a high-tech ozone system to remove any unwanted smells, clean the area and create a neutral base to layer fragrance over. The use of ozone sanitisation has become increasingly popular to hotels and retailers as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic - with it being recognised by the World Health Organisation as a powerful sanitising and disinfectant solution.

The power of fragrance in creating the right atmosphere in a space, as well as long-lasting and positive brand recall, cannot be underestimated. I’m here to support you in successfully delivering this additional sensory layer to add value to your projects, so please do get in touch by using the form below if you would like to find out more.

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